A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A short visual novel I made for good luck.  I wrote the script at 3 in the morning in bed when I couldn't sleep and spent all of the next day making it into a visual novel. I'm addicted to Fate/Grand Order, please send help. All assets are from Fate/Grand Order. This is a fan project and a joke, please do not take any of this seriously.

P.S. Mordred I love you so much please come home, I'm saving up all my quartz and tickets for your next rate up.

Install instructions

Download, unzip with WinRAR or 7zip or something that does crap like that, then run the exe


Mordredpleasesitonmyface-69.420-pc.zip 39 MB
Mordredpleasesitonmyface-69.420-linux.tar.bz2 27 MB
Mordredpleasesitonmyface-69.420-mac.zip 21 MB


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very funny vn! I liked it very much  

I expected this to just be a joke, but it was actually pretty good for a short game; there's hardly any Mordred x Gudako stuff out there, so I'm glad I found this. You're a good writer, you should make more of theses in the future!


Thank you! That means a lot. I don't really have any more Fate writing, weirdly enough. I really love the series though, F/SN was a big influence on my writing as a teen, so it's something I'll try and do more of in the future when I have free time. I mostly just write and program original visual novels these days, but I really really miss making fan work stuff. Definitely more Mordred next time, I just wish they had a sprite with her red jacket because I'm gay.